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5 Years Of iPhone

Yesterday was 5 years ago Steve Jobs took to the stage to launch the iPhone. It’s amazing to think it’s been 5 years since the iPhone was announced. Watching this again, it’s amazing. In many ways it’s still almost futuristic, yet there’s so much vintage about it from the empty feeling home screen in the […]

There’s Something In The Air

Apple’s hoisting up those really vague yet meaningful signs in preparation for the big announcements this week. According to AppleInsider they are putting signs up that read: There’s something in the air Sounds like a wireless announcement is the headliner. But that can mean many things: Updated iPhone (3G expected this year) New iPhone services […]

Apple’s Early Announcement

So yesterday Apple announced the new 8-core Mac Pro and Xserve. Both beautiful machines anyone would love to own. What’s peculiar is the timing of the announcement. Only a week before MacWorld 2008. Right in the middle of CES. Why would Apple make a product announcement before it’s yearly big expo? During a period where […]

Post MacWorld SF Observations

My predictions, like many others were mostly off. So here’s my observations of todays festivities and announcements.

MacWorld Disney World/Land?

How long until this results in Mac World Disney World or MacWorld Disney Land? That’s what we all really want to know.

The last Macworld for the OLD

I anticipate this to truly be the last MacWorld for the old The new system is nearly complete, and most likely reliable enough for this, but I didn’t feel comfortable enough with it to speed up the process and roll out last night. I made the decision about Dec 26. So I will keep […]

MacWorld to stay in NYC?

The Register is running an interesting article. Apparently there is still debate if they should move or not. Seems like Boston keeps losing things to NYC. Babe Ruth, many World Series, and now MacWorld NY