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IE6 Is Dead

Via the Exploring IE (listen to this in the background to set the mood): Time to pop open the champagne because, based on the latest data from Net Applications, IE6 usage in the US has now officially dropped below 1%! I’ve officially updated my last IE6 install to IE7. This is great news for the […]

Protecting Photo Privacy Via Browsers

Browsers can do more to protect users from inadvertently violating their own privacy. The NY Times today had an article about a topic that has been discussed in various circles several times now. The existence of geotagging data in photos. Many cameras, in particular smart phones like the iPhone can tag photos with GPS data. […]

Is IE8 Trident’s Last Stand?

Randall C. Kennedy at InfoWorld wrote: IE8 is the last version of the Internet Explorer Web browser. At least, that’s what I’m hearing through the grapevine. It seems that Microsoft is preparing to throw in the towel on its Internet Explorer engine once and for all. There were rumors earlier this year that the IE […]

Reasons To Use Internet Explorer

They forgot about “target of profanities while testing my web code”, though that might require a second pie. Firefox got a 2nd mention on “The Cheezburger Network”, though I couldn’t bare to back to back posts. Next few blog posts need some substance I think. [Via GraphJam]

Google Gears For Safari And Other Browser Addons

Google today released a beta of Google Gears for Safari. Still no iPhone support, but that’s not likely due to Apple’s rather restrictive licensing rather than technical reasons. It’s good to see them keeping true to their original efforts to support all platforms equally. That’s been a gripe of mine recently. With Google creating Gears […]