Reasons To Use Internet Explorer

reasons for using explorer

They forgot about “target of profanities while testing my web code”, though that might require a second pie.

Firefox got a 2nd mention on “The Cheezburger Network”, though I couldn’t bare to back to back posts.

Next few blog posts need some substance I think.

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@dfthdfg: Not true anymore – Windows Updates can be largely gotten through the Automatic Updates tool. In Windows XP, this is quite a good thing if IE happens to be broken. In Windows Vista, updates are done strictly through this application – it is /not/ web-based. I presume the same is true of Windows 7, though I haven’t tried it — and the recent buzz is that it will be possible to remove IE8 from Windows 7. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

Sadly, helping out on a broken computer or two, I’ve had dust off my manual FTP skills, when IE is too broken to download Firefox. :/

Gotta include all that time testing websites so that they work in IE. Which also accounts for the majority of time it takes to develop a website.


interesting that the IE supporter displays the grammar of a gibbon …’your’ is you’re….feel free to keep on using IE

what is it about IE that pisses you folks off?

i find that i’m able to do ANYTHING i want- ANYTIME i want to do it with IE.

i guess folks just need a bandwagon to jump on.

or maybe it’s that so many people have such a lack of life that they need to ***** and moan about anything and everything- just to fit in and be accepted?

******* pathetic!

Internet Explorer has somewhere in the 40 – 50% range market share still. This graph is such a crock and not funny. And I’m a Firefox user.

Heads up! You’re using an older version of Internet Explorer.

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The only real good reason to use IE is to download Firefox after installing Windows and to download updates as quickly as possible.

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