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Is IE8 Trident’s Last Stand?

Randall C. Kennedy at InfoWorld wrote:

IE8 is the last version of the Internet Explorer Web browser. At least, that’s what I’m hearing through the grapevine. It seems that Microsoft is preparing to throw in the towel on its Internet Explorer engine once and for all.

There were rumors earlier this year that the IE team was looking at WebKit a few months ago. I said then and I still think that’s a real perilous approach considering the legacy they need to somehow support. The other approach is to start over, something that’s possibly on the works.

Any truth to these claims? I don’t know. Though I’d be curious to see how Microsoft handles it’s customers who expect old applications to keep working and others who want Microsoft to catch up with progress. I doubt they can go either way 100%. Which way will they lean? I think that’s anyone’s guess.

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