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The History Of “Disaster Girl”

Disaster Girl
If you’ve spent enough time on the internet you know “disaster girl”, perhaps not by that moniker, or her real name Zoe, but you recognize the face. Her father, who took the picture documented the history behind the meme. Apparently the original is in fact real and unedited.

You can see a history of “her” disasters on buzzfeed.

It’s always interesting to learn the history of internet memes.


Allow Me To Sing You The Song Of My People

You wanted to sleep all night? Allow me to sing you the song of my people.

I’ve seen this a few times now, and it makes me chuckle every time.

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Cookie Monster Sings “Share It Maybe”

Share It Maybe - Cookie Monster

I love that how Sesame Street manages to keep up with POP culture. Generally speaking it’s primary audience (young children) don’t always get it, but older kids and adults do.

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Call Me Maybe

Call Me Maybe

The “Call Me Maybe” meme is becoming slightly old but some of the parodies are either quite good, or just outright amusing. For the unacquainted Carly Rae Jepsen did the original (the end of the video is kinda funny). A bunch of parodies followed including Justin Bieber, Selena, Ashley Tisdale, Jimmy Fallon, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders (best looking of all the parodies), Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain guy) and Barack Obama (that took time).

I think my favorite is the above gorilla variant simply because it shows the insanity of it all.


Not Sure Which Is More Terrifying

Shark Week

The theme to Jaws will now be playing in my head every time I see a tampon commercial.

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Sexing Up Your Towwwwwnnnn

Sex Robot

This has internet meme written all over it. It might be the first time a YouTube comment provides some relevant context:

The first viewing, you wonder “what the hell”. Second viewing, you’re thinking “this is kinda funny”. Viewings 3-10, you know now this is hilarious. After 15-25 viewings, you wonder if you have a problem. 26-49 makes you appreciate the sociological undertones of Sex Robot. 50+ viewings and you recognize it as your new God.

Warning: It may get stuck in your head.

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Surprised Kitty

Surprised Kitty

I’m amazed how quickly this stuff can get around the web. I’m pretty sure this is what Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn had in mind when working on TCP/IP.


Reasons To Use Internet Explorer

reasons for using explorer

They forgot about “target of profanities while testing my web code”, though that might require a second pie.

Firefox got a 2nd mention on “The Cheezburger Network”, though I couldn’t bare to back to back posts.

Next few blog posts need some substance I think.

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Blog Mozilla


A bunch of folks on Planet Mozilla are running Wordle on their blogs. I can’t resist. My apologies to all who hate these memes. I’m doing a little bit of a twist though. The first is my blog, the 2nd is only the Mozilla related posts so that this is a bit more relevant to PMO.


Mozilla Posts

I’ve always had a little fascination with this stuff. I’ve had tag clouds on my blog archives page for years now. It’s an interesting way to look at text. It gives you a good feel for the content of a large body of text in just a quick glance. Often better than any summary could.

Firefox Extension?

Places, perhaps using the spell checking dictionary to pull words out of URL’s for example. For obvious reasons the page title is easier. It would be interesting to be able to view your browsing history like this. I think it should take into account the number of times a word is found as well as the number of times you visit a page with a given word. The number of times a word is found should have a slightly higher weight. It could be implemented by using <canvas/> as Benjamin Smedberg demonstrated in a similar exercise. The complexity here would likely be processing time. Anyone interested?