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United States At Night

Awesome image released by NASA of the United States at night. There’s a set of images worth checking out including one of the northeast before and after Hurricane Sandy where you can see the impacts the power outages had from space.

Verizon’s Broad Street Facility After Sandy

The Verge has an interesting article, video and photo essay on the repair efforts at Verizon’s Broad Street facility after Hurricane Sandy. It’s amazing to see the mess of copper. Sadly, even before Hurricane Sandy this was hardly awesome infrastructure, it’s generations old copper. The upside is it’s now being modernized, the downside is that […]

Hurricane Sandy Covers

By far one of the best covers (and images overall) is by New York Magazine. An honorable mention goes to Time Magazine for using an iPhone photo (via Hipstamatic) on the cover.

Hurricane Sandy Time Lapse

Here’s a great time lapse of Hurricane Sandy. Around the 2:00 mark you can see the power go out in lower Manhattan. The NY Times has a similar time lapse from the top of their building.

Post Hurricane Sandy

Things have been quiet for a few days thanks the Hurricane Sandy. Power went out Monday afternoon and wasn’t restored until Thursday afternoon. About 4 hours after that it was cut again and was restored this afternoon. Despite that I still managed to work until 3:30 AM Tuesday fighting fires at work thanks to extremely […]

Hurricane Sandy

Just over a year ago it was Irene. Hurricane Sandy is coming toward the NY Metro area. Blogging schedule may be a bit off the next few days.