Post Hurricane Sandy


Things have been quiet for a few days thanks the Hurricane Sandy. Power went out Monday afternoon and wasn’t restored until Thursday afternoon. About 4 hours after that it was cut again and was restored this afternoon. Despite that I still managed to work until 3:30 AM Tuesday fighting fires at work thanks to extremely slow cellular connectivity. Lots to catch up on, lots of deadlines to still hit over the next several days.

Believe it or not, the above image was delightfully fast internet access during the storm. For the majority of the time it was way worse.

Hurricane Update

It’s getting a bit stronger. Winds now can gust at I would estimate 15-20MPH (most likely more like 15). More cloudy, humid, a bit cool, and a few drops of rain, though it’s literally just a few tiny drops.

Will be updating the blog quite a bit today with updates. Lets face it, weather is interesting.

Estimated to get quite a bit of rain, and some wind. Though they keep downgrading it for this area, so it’s actually looking better and better.

More later.

Isbel’s Hole

From the best weather service on the planet ( Cashed here for historical purposes:


Looks like a hole over NJ. Any time now, I guess it’s going to start getting more windy. It looks like just a faint breeze outside the window. Will know soon enough.

Surprisingly quiet outside. No people, no animals making noise, no nothing. It’s completely dead. Guess that means a bad storm is coming.