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GPS Spoofing Not Far Off

Today’s disturbing technical news goes to… “So far no credible high profile attack has been recorded but we are seeing evidence of basic spoofing, likely carried out by rogue individuals or small groups,” Humphreys explains. “Whilst the leap to more advanced, untraceable spoofing is large, so are the rewards. It’s therefore guaranteed that criminals are […]

Google Pac-Man Hacking

Quick Hack Here’s a literally 2 minute hack for the Google Pac-Man tribute on the homepage right now to put your own face on Pac-Man (pardon my poor photoshopping): To try it add the following bookmarklet to your browser by dragging the link below to your bookmark bar: raccettura-ize pacman Now go to Google and […]

iPhone Native Applications

Someone created Mobile Terminal for the iPhone. That means one could in theory run SSH. Awesome. [Hat Tip: Gizmodo]

Who hacked Paris Hilton’s Sidekick?

A few months ago Paris Hilton‘s Sidekick got “Hacked’. Well not exactly. According to the hack itself it was obtained through social engineering. Other reports are that her sweet Tinkerbell was the key to her account (you can argue if that really is social engineering). Now she’s apparently in a feud with Nicole Richie. One […]