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Who hacked Paris Hilton’s Sidekick?

A few months ago Paris Hilton‘s Sidekick got “Hacked’. Well not exactly. According to the hack itself it was obtained through social engineering. Other reports are that her sweet Tinkerbell was the key to her account (you can argue if that really is social engineering).

Now she’s apparently in a feud with Nicole Richie. One must ask if they are related. Typically when there’s a high profile hack like this, they find out the guilty party rather quickly. If for no other reason than to make an example out of them. It seems strange that nothing advanced and nothing else was said about this. I’d bet that if the password reminder story were true the case would be solved. Their system would definately log anyone who attempts to retrieve a password. So it would be a matter of following that trail of anonymous proxies. Something the feds have done many times before.

Of course it’s all speculation… but it’s sure interesting. I’d be willing to bet they know who did it by now. The question is why it wasn’t made public.

Anyway. The Simple Life without the both of them just won’t do well. Sorry Paris, but you won’t do to well on your own.

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Who’s this Nicole person you speak of? I know there’s some nameless pseudo celeb riding Paris’s coattails as she claws and screws her way up, but, at least to me, she’s completely disposable. The phenomenon of Paris is that she has no boundaries, no rules for what she’ll do to get what she wants. That type of personality (perhaps best illustrated in Eva “Evita” Duarte and Marilyn Monroe) is, for whatever reason, captivating on a mass-POP-culture level.

The Simple Life may not survive, but Paris is (unfortunately) here to stay.

PS: Rob, any way we can get you to fullText your RSS? You can count your readers with feedburner and it will be more accurate than a referrer spammed awstats page anyway.

LOL she got robbed of 2million dollars from her home HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW **** rich girl mwahahahahahahah

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