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Google Pac-Man Hacking

Google Pac-man

Quick Hack

Here’s a literally 2 minute hack for the Google Pac-Man tribute on the homepage right now to put your own face on Pac-Man (pardon my poor photoshopping):

Pac-Man raccetturaized

To try it add the following bookmarklet to your browser by dragging the link below to your bookmark bar:
raccettura-ize pacman

Now go to Google and press “Insert Coin” to play the game. Once the game loads, run the bookmarklet by clicking on it.

Hack yourself into Pac-Man

Want to make your own? You likely have better photoshop skills than me. Download this image and replace the Pac-Man (and optionally MS. Pac-Man) images with ones of your own keeping the position and sizes the same. Save as a PNG with transparency. Then upload somewhere. Now make a bookmarklet that looks like this (replacing URL_TO_YOUR_IMAGE with the URL of your image):


Now share with your friends.

Permanent Home

Google has now removed Pac-Man from the homepage but it can still be found here.

Edit [5/24/2010 @ 8:45 PM EST]: Added “Permanent Home”.

4 replies on “Google Pac-Man Hacking”

Hi Pacman Players,

Is it possible to store the local version of the game and still play it with sounds…Can someone try to figure that out

I somehow managed to play and save it locally but with no sounds.

Can Anyone look into its js, to enable sounds on locally stored files as in …pacman10-hp-sound.swf from GOOGLE

Best of Luck n Lemme kNow

I tried all of this none of it works except for the face thing. Anyway I was wondering if you could put a face on MS. Pacman too. And when it says that google has removed it well thats a lie all you need to do is go on and google search google pacman and it will be the first window.

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