Kid Gets Detention For Using Firefox

There’s marketing and there’s marketing. 5000+ Digg’s later (and climbing), still going strong. Some Digg users left some great comments (as always).

Firefox Detention

Thanks to Big Spring School District for this one.

Image mirrored from Upload Geek.

Update: See follow up. It’s a hoax.

6 replies on “Kid Gets Detention For Using Firefox”

Bah, I work for! πŸ˜‰

Yea, they didn’t even get the name right. I bet if that were a multiple choice test, the teacher would mark it wrong.

This detention slip is not a fake it is only altered (notice the blacked out areas, ya they are the important info like his name and teacher’s name) i see him as a saint for not allowing people to know who to complain to. It is not a hoax. IT HAPPENED

Oh yeah.. the detention slip was really altered, so all of you that think that it wasnt, know that it really was. Thank you and have a nice day.

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