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Browser Wars On Google

If you search for Firefox using Google you’ll see this ad towards the top:

Firefox Adwords Campaign

Look over to the right side and you’ll see this:
Microsoft Adwords Campaign

Here’s a larger complete screenshot for anyone interested.

Interesting eh? They aren’t threatened though. Here’s another tidbit. A search for “Safari” brings up a Microsoft ad as well. A search for “Opera” or “Opera Browser” does not. A search for “Browser” will. A search for “linux” will bring up a few Microsoft ads as well as a Firefox ad.

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The ads I love are the ones where when you search for Product X, you get an ad with a big title that say “Don’t use Product X!” with a subtitle something like “Until you read this!” You click the ad and they’re typically just offering services for Product X or something.

basic: That’s a very real possibility. I’ve heard of using AdWords as an analytics method before. They could of course look at the price for the terms and infer the actual usage, but I guess the campaign is still a better approach for determining search frequency. Google doesn’t release much data on that stuff.

Thanks for the tip Robert. It’s a competitive game. We have a budget we apply monthly against searches for “Firefox” and “Mozilla”, among other keywords, on Google and other search engines. We haven’t seen MS target those keywords before now. I’ll share this with the team that works on our search advertising here.

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