Mythbusters on RFID

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog that RFID isn’t a good idea for sensitive things like credit card information. Pretty much anything you wouldn’t openly make available to strangers.

The latest piece of evidence is Adam Savage, of Discovery’s Mythbusters discussing how they were effectively outgunned by lawyers for credit card companies (with video goodness) when wanting to do a show about RFID.

My personal experience is that they will swap out your RFID card with a non-RFID upon request. Until this stuff is much more proven, I don’t want it. Some make the argument that you’re not liable for more than $50, but it’s your job to convince credit agencies to update your credit history and dealing with creditors re-evaluating your changed credit history for a really long time. Considering the current credit crunch and the knee-jerk reactions that are so common right now, that’s just a recipe for disaster. Who wants to go through that for the novelty of not needing to physically swipe the card? No thanks.