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Fun With Todo Lists

Some things upcoming this week: Operations Management Quiz (hopefully not to hard) Find/Order USB 2 PCMCIA card for Laptop (any recommendations) Order iSkin for iPod Hopefully Free Mac Mini’s will have #10 and be processing (likely done, just hasn’t and registered). If above goes to processing, time to start researching a nice LCD display (likely […]

Project Aquarius Lives

It’s moving slowly, but “Project Aquarius” is moving again. I can’t reveal exactly what the nature of the project is, only that it’s a slow progressing project. Partially because of coding reasons, and partially because I start on it, and stop for a while. A quick time line: Sprint 2003 – Initial Idea March 2004 […]

Project Aquarius, once again in motion

I decided to take some time today, and start workng on Project Aquarius, a secretive project I’ve been workng on for a few months (though not often within those months). Lots of progress! So I’m thrilled. Cleaned tons of old templates out Tons of optimization Quite a few bug fixes Front-end work Lots of stylesheeting […]

Where is all my time?

I’ve been keeping rather busy these past few weeks: School, – 18 credit course load is keeping me occupied. r.m.o – Trying to get the r.m.o project to a point where it can be usable. Coming along well, but not quite where I want it, at least yet. Project Aquarius – I’m still working on […]

Project Aquarius status update

A little behind schedule, but progress. In my project status spreadsheet: Green Light: 21 Yellow Light: 5 Red Light: 9 Total: 35 Green is done, yellow is in the works, red is stuff I haven’t touched. When this is all green, there’s still a few more things that will be added on, and a few […]

Cyclical pessimist reality

What sucked more? The chicken or the egg? Boy, I’ve been doing so many different things the last few days, to finish up this semester it’s sickening. Will take a week off to cleanup, relax, and cram out Project Aquarius. With my current time frame, I should have a beta-launch sometime this summer. I can’t […]

One more week

One more week of CLASSES. Then FINALS Then…. ah… sweet summer. So yes, I’m busy. When I’m not involved in academic work, I’m working on project aquarius. And yes, that’s slated for this summer (I hope). Oh, a side effect of a biology presentation resulted in Wolf Pr0n for your own enjoyment. And you thought […]