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Digging through the server

In my efforts to rebuild, today I started sifting through the tons of files on the server. Boy was this a trip to the past few years.

Also found a lot of personal stuff that I threw on the site in hidden directories. Including stuff I’m not sure if they were good times, or things I want to forget ;-). I also found my parody website “University of Bob”, mocking schools in general.

Tons of other stuff. I got to spend some time over the next several weeks cleaning up. Perhaps I will post what I find funny.

While on the topic, I’m going slower than I would like in reviving the site, but it is moving. The news system is starting to come together, so are the structural changes. Authentication has been almost completely upgraded for some time. It’s just a few things that I still need to enable.

To sleep, and get some more done tomorrow.

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