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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

No class Monday, no class Tuesday evening. Here’s wishing for a happy Wednesday. 😀

XHTML is coming

Turning this website to be XHTML compliant. Preview here It’s not done, but take a look, and let me know what you think. So far it’s a direct port. Though expect some new stylesheets when done.

Someone Invite me?

Anyone with an account on Orkut? Can someone invite me? I’m alone 🙁

It Bounces

It’s bouncing! As I type initial confirmation that it (Opportunity) survived touchdown! Wow, I’m upset I missed the first one. Extremely fun to watch. It’s like a Geeky Superbowl. The only thing I don’t see is a cooler being pored on anyone… and I’m not sure if that’s due to some asthma, or the computers […]

Flash Killer

I’m blogging to much this week, but I can’t stop. Daniel Glazman, has showcased how some CSS and JavaScript can be a great alternative to Flash. I left a little comment: Perhaps an awesome extension to Composer would be something that would create a GUI to create such effects. Technically, most designers use flash all […]

New G4 upgrade cards

Sonnet Technologies has announced new upgrades for the G3’s! The new Encore/ZIF G4 800 MHz and 1.0 GHz models are shipping now: Encore/ZIF G4 800 MHz-1M EG4-800-1M $349.95 Encore/ZIF G4 1.0 GHz-1M EG4-1000-1M-U $499.95 NOTE: Encore/ZIF 1.0 GHz models with the part number EG4-1000-1M (without -U) are compatible only with Beige G3 models, and should […]

More on XML Error Reporting

I mentioned the other day about that little debate going on over XML errors. The other day, he posted some info on a possible way to display bad code in a “more friendly way” for a lack of better words.. I’m rather pleased with such a solution, and hope to see it in Mozilla and […]

To much recursion

After dealing with a teacher who has a sickening love for recursive: 😀

Amazing Car

Do you like cool cases for computers? How about a Car as a case? Check this out Very sweet. Would love if they open sourced that software they developed. Perhaps MPL?

Some technical issues

In my ongoing efforts: Few more templating tweaks. Before the bulk can be done, a few technical issues need to be worked out. Hope to have those resolved in the next 24-48 hours. After that, I’ve got several smaller scripts to write/debug/test. Some Authentication system upgrades. Then some new toys 😀 And, I’ll have a […]