Flash Killer

I’m blogging to much this week, but I can’t stop.

Daniel Glazman, has showcased how some CSS and JavaScript can be a great alternative to Flash.

I left a little comment:

Perhaps an awesome extension to Composer would be something that would create a GUI to create such effects. Technically, most designers use flash all in similar ways. Why not analyze those a bit, and create a product that does the popular stuff in a non-proprietary way?

Would be neat.

And the reply:

Robert Accettura : absolutely. That’s in my plans.

This is a great thing. Most Flash developers only do one of several things with Flash. It’s the same animations, mouseovers every time. What a great free way to do so, using standard free products in the browser already, and not even leave your web development app.

SVG would be nice too, but until native support is robust and standard in Mozilla, I don’t think that will happen.

Either way, that’s a major development headline.

Don’t get me wrong, Flash is nice. It’s pretty cool actually. But it’s overused, and proprietary. Most of the time it’s completely unnecessary. Flash isn’t needed for a mouseover. That’s a waste. I think with the many new features he’s put into code over the past few months, plus this, he’s got a dynamite app on his hands. One I’m itching to get my hands on. Hopefully he’ll be commiting some code into Mozilla’s CVS sooner than later :-D.

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