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Wheel Theft Makes A Comeback

I wasn’t terribly shocked to hear about a rise on wheel theft, something that largely disappeared in the US years ago after seeing it a few times for myself now. It’s a simple technique that’s now come back. This is why we can’t have nice things. The picture above is one that I took myself… […]

Firmware Updates For Vehicles

It was inevitable this would eventually happen. Ford is “test driving” (pun intended) letting users upgrade the firmware of their entertainment systems via USB drives. Given these are just software driven devices not that different from a mobile phone, it’s obvious this would eventually happen. Overall it’s a good thing since bugs in increasingly complicated […]

Project 365 Week 25

I fell behind blogging these again. I’m going to make an effort to be more prompt.

Project 365 Week 18

A little more old stuff than I’d like. Need to fix that.

Amazing Car

Do you like cool cases for computers? How about a Car as a case? Check this out Very sweet. Would love if they open sourced that software they developed. Perhaps MPL?