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David Hyatt’s right

David Hyatt seems to have generated some waves over his recent posts regarding Safari “bugs”. I must say he’s 100% right, and I applaud him for taking a stand. I’m a web developer for several years in one form or another. I’ve had a web presence for several years now. I started out just using […]

I’m not alone

Survey on most hated technology is out. And I’m not alone. I’m a geek, I carry a PDA almost everywhere. I have a home fileserver, laptop with WiFi hard drives and 1GB RAM, I like Linux, I enjoy geek toys. But I hate cell phones. Annoying, distracting, bulky, silly. I hate them in the train, […]

New Photos

Put up some new photo’s. Well kind of. Over the summer, Bryant Park had concerts every Friday morning, for Good Morning America. The other day I stumbled upon a video of it (as it was broadcasted on TV). I was able to point myself out (well, not really… but whatever). So here’s the Third Eye […]

Semester IV

My 4th semester of college starts tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull up that GPA. Accounting II should be a boat load of fun (why I can’t be an accountant). Also in the works this week is some template porting for, locking down the template, and writing some smaller scripts that will be […]

Good idea for Thunderbird Plugin

Props to whomever can implement this: I miss being able to open links in emails in tabs. Props to whomever can restore the “Open in New Tab” menu item to Thunderbird, and have it open in a new tab in Firebird. That right now is my biggest Thunderbird regression. I miss my tabs. Other than […]

Server Outage

There was a rather serious server outage yesterday. Server has been up since this morning, but the backend wasn’t quite there, so I couldn’t post until now. Sorry. On a sidenote, the syndication feeds for category archives changed a few weeks ago. I know a few places including Mozilla Blog Updates haven’t updated their links […]

Transitioning to Mozilla Thunderbird

Last night, I felt it was finally time to move to Mozilla Thunderbird. I decided to take a moment, and document the move, and show exactly where the strengths and weaknesses are. Note, these are all my own personal opinions and thoughts. Everyone else’s millage I’m sure will vary. These are things that I noted […]

Send your name to a comet

How neat is this. Send your Name to a Comet. Think there is a chance ET will pronounce my last name correctly? It’s geeky, perhaps even silly. But it’s pretty cool to think about.

Were transitionally compliant, and transitioning

Today I hit a milestone for During the transition to the new systems, I will be keeping the old layout. But since it’s going into a new Content Management System, it will need to be updated a bit. As a result, I made it valid HTML 4.01 Transitional. So far most of the test […]

Screwed up the blog

🙁 I butchered it tonight when upgrading. Decided to clean out some plugins I didn’t use. And it got really messy. It should be mostly restored. Damn I hate making mistakes.