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GeoLocateFox 0.2 Released

Last night I pushed the bits for GeoLocateFox 0.2. The changes aren’t very many but it’s pretty cool. Add HostIP look up (disabled by default) Add support for newer Flock, and Firefox through 3.0 alpha Go to the options window (open up the extension manager, right click on GeoLocateFox, and select options) and check the […]

GeoLocateFox 0.1.2 Released

I released a small update to GeoLocateFox that contains the following changes: Update to use Yahoo Map API v. 3.0 (Yahoo now supports more non-North American Locations!!!). Add support for newer Flock. Slightly better compressed images. Updated some url’s to project page. I should also note that Yahoo’s maps are a improved (a TON). You […]

GeoLocateFox 0.1.1

GeoLocateFox 0.1.1 has been released. Changes are: Firefox 1.5.0.* Support Flock Support SeaMonkey Support Small fix to detection code Small ui fix Get GeoLocateFox

GeoLocateFox Update

FYI I’ve updated GeoLocateFox to let it install in 1.5.x installs. Nothing else changed, it’s literally just the install.rdf that changed hence it’s still 0.1.

Introducing GeoLocateFox

I got this idea back in mid December, wrote down a few lines of code, and stashed it to the side because I was in the middle of finals. Around new years I came back to the idea and implemented it. This ended up being a submission for Extend Firefox. I’m not sure what others […]