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GeoLocateFox 0.2 Released

Last night I pushed the bits for GeoLocateFox 0.2. The changes aren’t very many but it’s pretty cool.

  • Add HostIP look up (disabled by default)
  • Add support for newer Flock, and Firefox through 3.0 alpha

Go to the options window (open up the extension manager, right click on GeoLocateFox, and select options) and check the HostIP box. This will send the IP address of the website you visit to the website, and get coordinates if available. This is only used if the site provides no GeoLocation data on it’s own. It’s off by default for privacy reasons. It’s pretty cool.

Next up is a bug fix release for mozPod, no date on that just yet. It’s overdue.

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It will take the IP address of the host ? meaning the hosting company ? interesting, but a good thing can be if it takes the location from a domain lookup, to take the country of the person name where the domain name is registered.

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