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What does it do?

It adds a new icon to the lower right hand side of your browser. A little gray globe. The globe illuminates if the website your visiting supports GeoLocation. You can then put your mouse over the icon to view where the website is located. You can click on the icon to get a larger view of the Map.

Why No Google Map?

Currently this extension only supports Yahoo! Maps. The intent is to support multiple mapping providers including Google, but to date only Yahoo! has a terms of use that allow for non-web application use. Google explicity prohibits such use right now. They were contacted by me in mid December about this extension, but to date have not replied with permission to include their service. While it may in theory be ok
to do considering Firefox is a web browser, and we are not doing anything harmful, I don’t wish to get into any trouble, it’s their API, and I respect that.

Hopefully I’ll get an email from * saying they would love for me to include them. Of course if anyone reading this works for Google Inc. and would facilitate such an action, please do so.

International Support?

Yahoo seems to only be supporting the North America right now. They don’t have map coverage of anything else. Hopefully (like Google) that will change with time. There’s nothing I can do about that, but when Yahoo adds support (which I believe they will) the extension will become even more useful.

How can I geocode my website?

The easiest way is to simply add:

<meta name="ICBM" content="[Lat,Long]" />

to your website somewhere between <head> and </head>. Replace [Lat,Long] with your coordinates (latitude, longitude separated by a comma). You can also use geotags.