GeoLocateFox 0.1.2 Released

I released a small update to GeoLocateFox that contains the following changes:

  • Update to use Yahoo Map API v. 3.0 (Yahoo now supports more non-North American Locations!!!).
  • Add support for newer Flock.
  • Slightly better compressed images.
  • Updated some URL’s to project page.

I should also note that Yahoo’s maps are a improved (a TON).

You can find the latest release here.

And in even bigger news…
I have a new beta release available (here) that contains support for Host IP lookup using the database. This will find tons more locations (and the database improves all the time).

To enable the Hostip feature, open the extensions manager (Tools Menu –> Extensions) and right click on GeoLocateFox and select “Options”. There is checkbox on the right side to enable this feature. It’s off by default because it requires sending the IP address of the website you visit to the server.

This is a beta, though I’d love to know how it works for people.

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That’s a cool extension that I didn’t know about! I just installed it on my laptop’s Firefox install (where I’m working now) and when I get around to closing all the tabs and restarting I’m curious to see what comes up…my blog should be geotagged (with some intentionally vague, as in, accurate city but not accurate building, coordinates) and I want to see it it shows up properly with this plugin! Thanks for the link…

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