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Careful with those filenames

Anyone who works in the IT field should definitely read this article, and see how easy it can be to get fired. Make sure those file names begin with love, and end with love and a file extension. Also watch those comments in your code.


Bush tells the world to go away

Bush has taken his political policies to the web. He’s blocking non-american IP addresses now. Once again telling every non-American to go to hell. An interesting note is that he might by trying to keep Americans overseas from reading his website before deciding who to vote for. Vote blind rather than see how anti-world his agenda may be. Many are saying these foreign based Americans may be key to the election. Not letting them see his foreign policy may provide him with an advantage.


Bush, Cheney concede Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction

Well, I think the title says it all.

For his part, Cheney dismissed the significance of Duelfer’s central findings, telling supporters in Miami, ”The headlines all say `no weapons of mass destruction stockpiled in Baghdad.’ We already knew that.

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State of the Union

Well done Parody


Very enjoyable, brutally honest.

Comrade Bush is powerful yes?