Bush tells the world to go away

Bush has taken his political policies to the web. He’s blocking non-american IP addresses now. Once again telling every non-American to go to hell. An interesting note is that he might by trying to keep Americans overseas from reading his website before deciding who to vote for. Vote blind rather than see how anti-world his agenda may be. Many are saying these foreign based Americans may be key to the election. Not letting them see his foreign policy may provide him with an advantage.

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Of course, blocking worldwide visitors (granted, annoying to overseas Americans…who can use proxies if necessary) makes the website more responsive to people in the US. The ones who actually get to vote. And Bush’s site has been available worldwide until just recently if I remember correctly…throttling more bandwidth to US voters right around the election while keeping it otherwise open doesn’t seem to be as one-sided as it has been made out to be, although of course there are arguments both ways.

Oh well. At least you didn’t vote and Bush has one more vote’s worth of chance of winning than he would have if you had 🙂 Now if he’d accomplish more of what he stands for…maybe we’d kill fewer innocent babies. At least he has principles I agree with and doesn’t flip-flop every 5 (I mean 2) seconds.

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