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Project 365 Week 51

Project 365 Week 45

Project 365 Week 44

Project 365 Week 40

Project 365 Week 30

Project 365 Week 20

A little late posting this one. This was a really rainy week, so hard to get much done.

Floating Stairs

An interesting tidbit about the NeXT corporate offices: The architectural centerpiece was a “floating” staircase with no visible supports I’d be curious to know if this had any influence on the glass staircases used in the modern-day Apple stores such as the 5th Ave store in New York. Perhaps Mr. Jobs was fond of those […]

iPhone Display Running XP

This is shameful. AT&T (whose logo is a death star by the way) is running an iPhone kiosk on Windows XP. How could you tell? Well they had to reboot it as the picture clearly shows. Update [8/4/2007 @ 10:30 AM EST]: Fake Steve Jobs says someone did get fired for this. He decided who […]