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Quick shoutout to standards

Just a real quick shoutout to standards.’s News System… currently in development, will support valid RSS feeds. That’s right. Valid. I implemented the feature last night. It’s working with relative success (still not complete, but valid). Still to be done is indexing, searching, mailing, and several dozen bugs. Not to mention the mentioned features […]

Tons of work tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get a lot done on to get it ready. Still no launch date. But hopefully I will have one soon. It’s going slow. I’m getting frustrated, but will bring it back.

New News System

The new News System for 4.0 (Daemon of the Abiss) is coming along smoothly, but slowly. Indexing, searching WAP interface, and RSS Syndication are still to be tackled. They are the more complex, and tedious tasks. What’s nice is that’s it’s pretty portable and easy to upgrade. Once I get all the necessary stuff […]

Apple Ads

Lately I’ve been seeing quite a few Apple ads on Since it’s done through an ad broker, I don’t know exactly what’s up. But I hope they keep it up. With the relaunch, I hope to have things churning real soon. Unfortunately things are going a bit slower than I wanted. But they are […]

Slow progress 4 (Daemon of the Abiss) is moving along slowly, but surely. Redoing pretty much the entire site. HTML and all. As well as new architecture and backend. So it’s massive and slow. Several pages are running in staging (without a design). Somre more complex pages including Mac PR, and News should be done this […]

Daemon of the Abiss Update

Several Key developments today: Site Status Page is now working. The first template with any form of logic. Sitting on staging, and performing exactly as planned (thanks to CMS system’s creator’s help). WAP Authentication is now roughed in, and working. This opens up a whole new can of worms. I found several inefficiencies, and tons […]

New Backend showing signs of promise behind the scenes is starting to show signs of promise again. The backend’s core is in place, and so is the general file architecture. Now comes the hard part: Porting the existing contents over to the new architecture Redesigning the site Finishing the authentication system upgrades Deployment The 10 billion other things I won’t […]

Content Management Systems are good

Yes they are. I finally have selected a free CMS that will be implemented across for now (and eventually on all other “Sub sites” of Accettura Media. This is great news, since it now clears the way for finally redoing the design for something more standards compliant and browser friendly. Time to put the […] 4.0 Commencement

I’ve started work on 4.0. Can’t say much… but the new design is in the works. It will include the capacity for more features to be implemented, without so much work. And better navigation abilities. Will be good. No idea when it will be done… I’m in real early stages. News and such

Well, is starting to come back to life again. After a week of server chaos. The backend is starting to look OK, less database errors due to mySQL timeouts, mail seems to be slightly more reliable (admin mail), and such. The NewsEngine 3.0 Project is nearing completion, after 2 days of work. Most of […]