Daemon of the Abiss Update

Several Key developments today:

  • Site Status Page is now working. The first template with any form of logic. Sitting on staging, and performing exactly as planned (thanks to CMS system’s creator’s help).
  • WAP Authentication is now roughed in, and working. This opens up a whole new can of worms. I found several inefficiencies, and tons of bad coding in the system while working to put this in. It’s patched for now. But before MV Authentication 1.4 goes into full production use (like it isn’t in “production” use now), it’s going to need some reworking on login and logout.
  • Breakdown of work to be done (TONS OF IT). Should cruise when I’m off from work and hanging out home with family.
  • Lots of other little “tweaks” to the already templated pages, as well as file system layout.
  • New IDE is making life a lot easier. Coding has never been so easy. And to think there was a time when I used Simple Text. Then BBEdit Light, then PHP Edit (which I still like, but is way to buggy).
  • To go with the above, download (and backup) of entire website file system including CMS.

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