New News System

The new News System for 4.0 (Daemon of the Abiss) is coming along smoothly, but slowly.

Indexing, searching WAP interface, and RSS Syndication are still to be tackled. They are the more complex, and tedious tasks.

What’s nice is that’s it’s pretty portable and easy to upgrade. Once I get all the necessary stuff plugged in for it to be ready for use, I will beta test for a while (perhaps solicit others to take a look), and put it in production for 3.0, to get the last bugs out.

I can easily revamp the entire system, and put a new version out, with minimal downtime, unless the DB needs serious work (which I doubt).

Once the new system is in place, I can begin the final process of moving over the old site into the new framework and complete the transition.

Then we can start rolling.

So it’s still a while off, but it’s coming along. Each day is a step forward (thankfully). It’s not a moonwalk, but actual forward progress.

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