I’m glad I’m not the only one

Benjamin Smedberg, Daniel Glazman, Henrik Gemal, Michael Kaply also appear to be part of ‘the resistance’ (can’t beat the nerdy name).

View Source and JS Console are needed. Especially view source. This wouldn’t be a wise move.

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Resistance is futile. I have said once I do think the decision to remove both the JS Console and the Source View are not only stupid, but may be a real problem for corporate deployment. Now, if the Keepers of the Temple still want to do it, that’s their problem. I just hope for them they won’t face what Netscape faced for 7.0 when it decided to not include Popup Blocking…

he, he… I see many funky ways to spell my name. Normally it’s the Henrik part that’s spelled wrong. I see stuff like Hendrick, Henrick, etc…

But my name is…… ta da…
Henrik Gemal

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