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Fark On Jeopardy

I’ve been reading for several years now. Seeing that it was featured on Jeopardy (again) is extremely amusing. VentureBeat even managed to get a quote on it from Drew.

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Fark Redesign

Fark is one of those websites that is was stuck in the past. It’s now been redesigned in a “Web 2.0” scheme. I’ve got mixed feelings on this redesign:

  • Not sure if it’s just extra load, but it’s a bit slow. They just added a banner that says “We’re working on the slow loading issue”.
  • When you visit a link, it’s link color doesn’t change, making it hard to tell if it’s one you visited or not (sometimes I forget where we left off hours earlier).
  • Rainbow navigation? Not really fond of the eye-bleeding nav, but I guess it could have some merit as color is easier to find than words. Chromatabs for Firefox tries to do the same thing, but for tabs
  • The right two columns (nav/ads) are just ugly and awkward.