Who Dropped The Soap?

Thanks to Bug 332174 and the advanced warning system (sarcasm), reporter had been broken on the trunk for several weeks. Since I believe in debriefing (both before a shower, and after an event where one or more lesson can be learned), here’s the play by play:

2007-07-18 – Robert Sayre fixed Bug 332174 breaking reporter.
2007-07-21 – I realize what’s going on and file bugs (Bug 389128, 389131) against myself.
2007-09-29 – Rev 1 patches posted (rough, but really not to bad).
2007-10-06Hurt my wrist, cut down on typing outside of work to give it some rest for a few days.
2007-10-20 – I’m certified an idiot, it’s broken (nice fracture actually) not sprained. My defense: Didn’t swell, no protruding bone, really wasn’t that painful unless it was under force (holding something, or opening a door). Anyway, in a brace getting the rest it deserves.
2007-10-20 – What to do (Bug 400563)?
2007-10-28 – Still in a brace, still slightly sensitive (no opening doors with it) but able to get back in the saddle. The code cowboy rides again (warning: comment referencing any cowboy not played by John Wayne punishable by death).
2007-10-30 – Officially blocking Firefox 3 (being on the radar is a good thing). Nuclear option on the table (contributing to the “80%“. Where’s Jack Bauer when you need him?
2007-10-30 – receive r= (x2) and checkin(x2) on server/client. Requesting push to live (Bug 401816). Threat neutralized. Doomsday Clock goes back 3 minutes. Jack Bauer? Crying under a desk.
2007-11-01 – Pushed server side live, late at night. Thanks to Dave Miller, Michael Morgan, and Carsten Book for staying up. Clock goes back another 2 minutes. Jack Bauer? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Code Cowboy? Cool and relaxed.

Added soon there after is support capturing the character set (Bug 324291). This will hopefully provide good data for fixing bugs. Thanks to Gavin Sharp for that. Also thanks to Reed Loden for checking in that and a few of the other bugs.

Code Cowboy

I’ve had my back broke once, and my hip twice, and on my worst day I could beat the hell out of you. ~ John Wayne (The Cowboys, 1972)

On a related note, I’m now typing brace free. Just no push-ups or other weight bearing (pulling is ironically ok) things for pretty much the rest of the year.

A few people recommended titles for this blog, I forget who came up with this one, but it was the one that made me laugh the most. So credit to whomever that was.

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