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Who Dropped The Soap?

Thanks to Bug 332174 and the advanced warning system (sarcasm), reporter had been broken on the trunk for several weeks. Since I believe in debriefing (both before a shower, and after an event where one or more lesson can be learned), here’s the play by play: 2007-07-18 – Robert Sayre fixed Bug 332174 breaking reporter. […]

The Silence

It’s a bit quiet around here for the past week because I sprained my wrist pretty bad. As a result I have been avoiding typing more than I already do at work. I am slowly resuming and getting back to normal as it allows. Been down this road before. Not as much fun as it […]

Sprained Wrist

Blasted left hand wrist is sprained. Tendon at least. Wrapped up tight, and I’m rather ticked. I have a final of mostly open ended questions tomorrow. I’ll be the one crying the entire time 😥 . Needless to say, not looking forward to tomorrow. So not much typing will happen in the next 24-48 hrs […]