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Top Windows Programs Open Source

CNet has a slide show with it’s top Windows programs. It’s a pretty good list. I’d agree with it for pretty much everything. What I found really interesting is that of the 9 listed, 7 are open source. Here’s the rundown with the license for the source of each:

Interesting to see the penetration of open source here.

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Neil T.: Good point. Didn’t even think of that. Pidgin isn’t available for Mac, though Adium is, and it’s built off of the same core libPurple, so I guess it counts.

This doesn’t really surprise me. The real win for free software on the desktop over the last five years hasn’t been Linux switchers, it’s been free software which is available on Windows. OpenOffice has a bigger mindshare than even Firefox amongst the PC World crowd these days.

– Chris

Also bear in mind that WinPatrol isn’t needed on Mac/Linux too, and Process Explorer there are probably GUI alternatives to.

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