Comcast Problems?

There are quite a few sites linking to this post about Comcast problems with Mac OS and/or Firefox users. I personally fall under both categories, and haven’t had a problem, though I admittedly have had Comcast for several years, and never installed their software/branding, nor do I use any of their services/websites other than connectivity.

I was curious if this is a big problem for Firefox users. A quick scan of reporter data shows a few reports a day (somewhat high, but they are a portal site for many so volume is expected), and comments on the site are somewhat varied. Most are from a very non-technical audience. I didn’t get the sense that there were certain items that were consistently a problem. My general observations are:

  1. Homepage misrenders at least part of the time.
  2. Games are “optimized” for IE/Windows (at least some appear to be .exe downloads).

Anyone have experiences? They are a somewhat flash centric site, which tends to be pretty good cross platform, making this somewhat of an unusual case. Typically sites that are problematic for Firefox/Mac users are very antiquated sites that still reference Netscape 4.x as “supported”. They on the other hand are relatively modern.

So if you, or someone you know has run across problems, let me know. I’d like to get an idea of what users face on a daily basis.

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From the blog and Slashdot my impression was that it is more of a support issue. I run Linux and use Firefox exclusively with Comcast. I don’t recall having any real problems installing the cable modem. However, when I call Comcast for support, sometimes I will lie and tell them I’m running Windows because it’s “easier” to pretend to simulate the Windows experience because in the past support staff have argued with me and refused to help because I run an “unsupported operating system.” When I asked what I should do then, I was told “Verizon doesn’t support Linux, either.”

Months after Firefox 2 was released, I still couldn’t log into my account to pay my cable bill on their site. They finally fixed that, but for several months I had to start up an old copy of Firefox 1.5 to pay my bill.

Every night from about 7pm until maybe after midnight I cannot access the Internet. Widely recognized web sites such as yahoo, google, etc. don’t come up or if they do I have to keep retyping their URL several times before I get a hit. This does not affect my Vonage phone. The phone works so I know I have a connection. I’m thinking of switching to Verizon Fios for internet…the lesser of the two evils.

I switched from AT&T a few weeks ago to Comcast. As soon as I opened up my Firefox browser I noticed that some of my Bookmarks were gone. Then I noticed when I tried to log into the site it would tell me I didn’t have the latest version of Firefox, which I most definitely do. When I lot into my website I also get a message saying I don’t have the latest version of Firefox. The Comcast tech support says it’s a Firefox problem, which it isn’t because it showed up as soon as I switched to Comcast. I tried to uninstall reinstall Firefox, but it didn’t fix it. And Firefox is working strangely, like not remembering sites, e-mails, passwords, etc. Very frustrating, but I guess I’m stuck.

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