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Firefox Tip: Delete One Item From History

Do you want to delete one item from your browsing history? Say that splash page, or misspelled site that you keep visiting when ever you type a URL with a similar name because you type to quickly? Gogle instead of Google? It happens. Just select it by entering the partial name in the URL bar, and press shift delete. That will remove only that one entry from history.

Want to remove that memory of the time you forgot to put on pants before you left the house? Sorry, that feature hasn’t been implemented in Firefox just yet. Perhaps in the next version. Patches welcome.

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Another common issue I have with the firefox locationbar is starting to type a website name say: “robert.acc” and tada your website pops up from my history, but oh darn the last thing in my history was a particular blog entry, say /archives/2007/05/21/firefox-tip-delete-one-item-from-history/ but I would rather go to the toplevel page. If I frequently link to your blog from a RSS reader, then most of my history would be populated with specific entries. It would be nice to have the top entry be the toplevel page. And while we are at it lets autocomplete inline so you can just hit type ‘robert.acc’ and hit enter. Lets also autocomplete bookmarks.

It is called .

Thanks for this tip! I recently stayed at a hotel and used their wireless. “Online by Lodgenet” was showing up every time I started typing some of my commonly visited URL’s and it was annoying the heck out of me. Thanks again!!!

You have no idea how long I have been clicking on the wrong URL in my URL bar. I finally got fed up and went to google. Thanks for the tips!

Thank you very much for this tip. This had been annoying me for 1 year. I had tried to right-click on the URL item in the list, but there was no context menu so I must have thought it wouldn’t respond to the keyboard button either. I am grateful for your post.

I’m a little late to this, but thank you so much. I typed in the wrong URL a couple of months ago and I couldn’t get rid of it for the life of me.

What the f*ck! This did it for me. Obviously my Firefox 3.5.7 wants to keep private data and doesnt let go. The only option left is to reformat the harddisk and return to Internet Explorer.

Of course, it would obviously be much better if Firefox just weren’t so stupid as to save pages in the history that gave a 404 error or Host not found when visiting… But oh well, can’t expect too much common sense from programmers 😉

OK now how do I omit the items from history that I do not want to go back to? Not the actual history I mean the web history of course.

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