Al Gore’s Office

Minus all the papers, Al Gore has a really nice office. What a beautiful array of Apple Cinema Displays. If only he would hire someone to scan in his papers, or get a filing cabinet 😉 .

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3 Responses to “Al Gore’s Office”

  1. funTomas says:

    What a hypocritic green evangelist!

  2. Robert says:

    funTomas: in all fairness, LCD’s use less electricity than CRT’s. Much less. There’s a decent chance are his 3 LCD’s use less than one fair sized CRT.

  3. Puikai Tang says:

    HI, Dr. Gore,
    You have received my certified mail at the begining of Sept. Can I get your response a.s.a.p? The package you have received is the document about my invention in the field of energy saving and enviroment protection.
    Please contact me at 626-641-2338 or E-mail: or

    thanks for your team’s attention

    Puikai Tang
    Monica Mao

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