Where’s Rob: I’ve been omitted

Everyone loves those Where’s Waldo books. Well, if your good at them: I NEED YOUR HELP.

That’s right. Apparently I’m either missing, or out of place in the Ad. There are reports of a few names not in alphabetical order, as well as a few inverted (Lastname Firstname).

Your odds are about 1 in 10,000.

So: Who here can find me? The PDF is here. You can use anything at your disposal to perform this task, eyes, supercomputer, etc. provided it’s legal ;-).


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This is a hackish attempt to convert the file to text (tools like pdftotest and the like gave up).

This will output all the names except uppercase letters (they did not appear in plain text in the PS file, and I don’t know much about Postscript).

$ pdftops nytimes-firefox-final.pdf
$ for t in `grep Tj16 | cut -b6 | egrep \[A-Z] | sed -e”s/s/,/”` ; do echo -n $t ; done

I don’t know if this actually catches all names on the page, but I checked that the the first and the last name on the page are there, and some of the underline names appear there as well.

Sadly it did not find your name πŸ™

PS: This is may second attempt to post this comment. The first time I did not fill out the email field. I was sent to a page with an error message. I pressed Back, but everything I had typed in the form was gone. Perhaps you could alert the user about a missing email address in a more user-friendly way πŸ™‚

I’m listed there…I’ll look for your name when I get the chance. If it’s not there you can get a free corrected copy signed by the Firefox team or something, plus a refund of your donation!

Rob, we (and me personally, for sure) are sorry about that. This was a huge undertaking and there were several errors. We can’t run a second ad, but we’re going to do what we can to right things.


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