Anyone else think some dev’s don’t blog enough

I say this because all to often, Ben Goodger’s checkin’s make me curious 😉

XPInstall UI… Not done just yet but getting closer.

That’s about all we see. No screenshots, no blogging.

Some of the Bugzilla bugs are rather vague as to whats being done. Not to much details. IMHO it would be nice to start seeing some more documentation of the day to day changes, in more understandable terms. The Burning Edge is a great website for day to day stuff, but not to much information on each thing. Just a mention.

Not a “complaint”, or a “criticism”, or intended to start a flame war, or a giant thread over at Mozillazine . It’s purely intended as a suggestion for anyone looking for a good way to unite the community a bit.

I think since the Mozilla Foundation formed, the communication went down a bit. Not sure if that’s because more contributions are coming from remote computers, rather than Netscape. Or perhaps it’s pure overload of work over at Mozilla Foundation Headquarters as Asa notes.

In any regard, I hope after the holidays, when things settle down a bit, we see some more. First David Hyatt got sporadic with posting, then many followed.

I’d say one of the best sources right now is Henrik Germal’s Blog. A real quality job in keeping everyone informed on what’s what.

Mozillazine is of course great as well, but not as nitty gritty on the dev work as Henrik can be. With good reason, they tend to orient more toward the general community, rather than the ubergeeks.

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5 Responses to “Anyone else think some dev’s don’t blog enough”

  1. AndyEd says:

    I’m slowly percolating a way to explore these bugs outside Mozilla. Just a toy at this point,

  2. Marc R. says:

    {Not a “complaint”, or a “criticism”, or intended to start a flame war, or a giant thread over at Mozillazine…}

    Oh, riiiight.. 😉

    But that wouldn’t be suprising, would it? Or unexpected?

  3. Marc R. says:

    /me noting there should be a “winky” in my above post.

  4. Mike Connor says:

    Hell, look at my blog, I’m not even busy and I suck. Most of the discussion/ranting is on IRC, so that’s a big part of why blogging isn’t as big of a deal.

  5. alanjstr says:

    Actually, Ben has posted about this on the MozillaZine Forums.

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