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I updated this blog to take more advantage of CSS. Thankfully it did lower the page size a bit, and as there are more posts, it will be even more evident.

Only implemented on the homepage right now.

If anyone has suggestions on compatibility with all browsers (in particular improving the display on NN4), shoot me a line, or leave a comment. Would like to make the site look better in Netscape 4, and older browsers. But don’t want to sacrifice page load.

Also, see something else that can be cut out (without adverse effects to design, or compatibility) let me know.

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I notice that the posts themselves do not wordwrap, leaving part of them “off the page” unless I stretch browser window. Don’t recall if it was doing that before. Permalink versions of same posts wordwrap properly. Nice page, BTW.

There’s an awful lot of really messy (and unnecessary) markup still there. Things like td elements (with a class) containing span elements (with a class) containing… just a nbsp. Did you really need all that? I suspect not.

My advice: Turn off your CSS entirely, and try to use pure HTML to make your page as structurally and semantically appropriate as you possibly can (try viewing it in Lynx, even). Then, add CSS to make it purty (without changing the HTML at all).

A blog entry outlining my Web authoring philosophy:

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