Apple Hardware

Crucial RAM

I upgraded my Mac Mini with some more RAM. I purchased a Crucial 1GB PC2700 DIMM. Surprisingly it didn’t have Micron chips, but Samsung. The label was obviously Crucial. I found it strange that they are using their competitors chips on their retail products.

I don’t really mind, since I consider them both to be of equal quality, but I did buy Crucial specifically because of the quality. With many of the other generic brands you have no idea what chips will actually be found on the stick. Bad RAM is a drag, so if I upgrade, I do my best to make sure I do it right and get the good stuff. IMHO Crucial/Micron, Samsung, and Hynix are all good choices. Will a generic brand use these chips? Absolutely. Guarantees when ordering online that one of these chips are used? Nope.

On a sidenote, typically OEM Crucial RAM is cheaper (and just as good), but with the 10% off, it was cheaper to buy from Crucial directly and get free shipping than to buy OEM from someone like NewEgg and pay for shipping.

Apple Hardware

Airport Express 2.0? iTunes Movies?

Oh there’s so much to talk about. Next week (on Tuesday of course) Apple is supposed to reveal some new products and/or services.

  • Apple sent out a notice saying “It’s Show Time“… just smells like a movie service is coming.
  • Apple just updated the iMac line, and just released the Mac Pro, so desktop hardware doesn’t seem to likely to be a big focus.
  • iPods haven’t been updated in a long time, likely in part because Apple has been redoing them to use a Samsung chipset (Apple already uses Samsung SDRAM) rather than the PortalPlayer chip. Rumored to have a touch screen. Which I mentioned a while back (with a mock-up).
  • Apple’s also rumored to reveal a new Airport Express with support for video.
  • A cell phone is still said to be in the works (iPhone), but that’s not due until 2007.

I really like the idea of a video enabled Airport Express… I really want one already, and they haven’t even announced it yet.