Apple Hardware

Crucial RAM

I upgraded my Mac Mini with some more RAM. I purchased a Crucial 1GB PC2700 DIMM. Surprisingly it didn’t have Micron chips, but Samsung. The label was obviously Crucial. I found it strange that they are using their competitors chips on their retail products.

I don’t really mind, since I consider them both to be of equal quality, but I did buy Crucial specifically because of the quality. With many of the other generic brands you have no idea what chips will actually be found on the stick. Bad RAM is a drag, so if I upgrade, I do my best to make sure I do it right and get the good stuff. IMHO Crucial/Micron, Samsung, and Hynix are all good choices. Will a generic brand use these chips? Absolutely. Guarantees when ordering online that one of these chips are used? Nope.

On a sidenote, typically OEM Crucial RAM is cheaper (and just as good), but with the 10% off, it was cheaper to buy from Crucial directly and get free shipping than to buy OEM from someone like NewEgg and pay for shipping.