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How To Stop CalendarAgent From Eating CPU

Recently ran into an issue with Calendar causing a huge CPU spike. Checking the system.log I noticed the following repeatedly in my log: CalendarAgent[379] Unexpected EOF, returning last token as fallback CalendarAgent is essentially Calendar’s backend (that’s how it’s also able to power the notification center). The best resolution I’ve found is to completely clear […]

SVN In Mountain Lion

This one caught me by surprise. With 10.8 Mountain Lion, installing Xcode doesn’t mean tools like svn will be automatically available via command line. If you want to use svn by terminal for example you’ll have to first open Xcode, next go into Preferences and find the Downloads tab. Then install “Command Line Tools”. After […]

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is pretty nice, however I don’t think it really has a killer feature (though John Siracusa’s exhaustive review lists pretty much every change). Notification center is in my opinion the closest to it, and not for notifications itself, but because it can serve as a sort of dash board for […]

Apple Moves Towards Faster Updates

Curious note in the latest Apple Mountain Lion update: – Daily Checks for required security updates – The ability to install required security updates automatically or after restarting your Mac – A more security connection to Apple’s update servers. Clearly the trend to more rapid updates for client side software is accelerating. I’m not sure […]

Thoughts on WWDC 2012

Lots of little notes on today’s announcements…

On Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper is without question a bold move to prevent malware from impacting Mac OS X, but it will likely turn into a legal and ethical mess. Before I explain why, I’ll give a very high level overview. There are three options: Mac App Store – Only run applications from the Mac App Store. Mac App […]