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Janet Jackson most queried

According to this CNN article, Janet Jacson’s Superbowl stunt was the #1 Query.

Being that I posted on the topic, I took a bit of that traffic. Held up alright, no problems. But it was evident in particular for a few hours the other day. It’s amazing how quickly search engines can update their index to reflect this website. 😉

Anyway, back to work.


Janet Jackson half off at Half Time

That might be the best picture taken by the AP in years. It completely captures the moment. From that evil look on Justin Timberlake’s face… to the sheer embarrassment of Janet Jackson’s face. Timberlake looks like he’s about to run out and molest a dozen cheerleaders.

Well, another Jackson who feels the need to expose themselves in sight of children:
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An Entertaining Article (ESPN)

Quote of the month:

“I am sorry that anyone was offended by the wardrobe malfunction during the halftime performance of the Super Bowl,” Timberlake said in a statement. “It was not intentional and is regrettable.”
– Justin Timberlake

Yes, that’s right. A “malfunction”. A cell phone can malfunction. A server can malfunction. A stage costume gets ripped by sexually motivated hands.

Can anyone explain why such an elaborate nipple decoration is needed with such a costume? Nose ring’s at least are visable. But why decorate what you don’t intend to show? It’s like putting down an expensive wood floor in your garage, then cover it in concrete.

Sidenote: Isn’t it a little crazy that a breast is creating so much buzz? Not to long ago, a woman showing their ankle was inappropriate. Created some controversy at first, but people got over it. You’d think we would have matured by now no? I guess not, traffic to this page is way up today thanks to this post. And interestingly, it’s all traffic from American ISP’s, despite being an International headline. Guess other countries are more mature.

Nipplegate, it’s wonderful that this is the new conspiracy in America.