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Firefox [Power] Tip: Options Galore

Many users just open Firefox and start browsing the web. What they don’t know is that you have a fair amount of control over your browser. Go into the “Tools? menu and select “Options?. From there you can choose what you want to do tweak. Some that may be of interest are below:

Start Page

What do you want to see when you start Firefox? You can choose what you want by going into Options and selecting the “Main? tab. The top part lets you pick the page you want to see. Could be your employer, favorite search engine, or nothing.

Open in New Tab

Like tabbed browsing? Hate new windows? Go into Options and selecting the “Tabs” tab. Select “a new tab” where asked how new windows should be opened. That will reduce the window clutter on your computer.

Disable Password Manager

Don’t like being asked if Firefox can remember your password? For some users this is a great feature, for some it’s undesired and possibly annoying. Just go into Options and select the “Security” tab. Uncheck “Remember passwords for sites”.

The land of a million prefs

Hungry for more prefs? No problem. In a browser window enter the following URL (and nothing else): “about:config”. You’ll be presented with hundreds of options you can tweak. Warning: this is not for amateur use and could cause problems if handled incorrectly. Make sure you are willing to bail yourself out if you start changing things.