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Bugday: Triaging Top 100 Sites

Well, it’s a great goal they have in go through all the Evangelism bugs. That should make some real ground in making sure Mozilla not only meets, but kicks IE’s royal butt everywhere. What I found interesting was the Alexa Query for the Top 100 English Sites. If you look at those websites, most will […]

HTTP Decompression Bombs

Interesting find here. Just FYI.

Screwed up the blog

🙁 I butchered it tonight when upgrading. Decided to clean out some plugins I didn’t use. And it got really messy. It should be mostly restored. Damn I hate making mistakes.

1.6 losing networking?

I’ve had this bug a few times, and I can’t figure it out, so I ask if anyone else has had this. Occasionally, when browsing, it suddenly acts as if there is no network. No response when connecting to a server. To my surprise, closing Mozilla, and reopening it fixes it. Has anyone seen such […]

The number 1 bug to be fixed

The #1 complaint I hear about Mozilla is how it handles some media (mainly Windows Media Player), when servers incorrectly sent the text/plain content type. Bug 220807 is supposed to fix that. If only Sea Monkey would pick that fix up earlier than 1.7a, it’s somewhat of a large fix for 1.6b+ I know. But […]

Why can’t I save Image Map’s?

Here, and here. Why can’t I save an image map by right clicking and just saving as? I can view source, and copy the URL of the image, then save as. But that’s beside the point. On Mozilla 1.5. Is there a reason for this existing in a release? I can’t understand it.

The journey to fix 219162

What has been a really annoying issue apparently has a better patch. Bug 21962 has been fixed. Thankfully. Hopefully this time, all these errors will go away. Not as often as before the first fix, but still happens sometimes.

Most anoying bug almost done

Password Manager forgets password when checking mail might be the most annoying bug in the entire world. Thankfully David Bienvenu seems to have found a fix. Hopefully 1.5 isn’t ready yet, so we can test this on 1.6, and perhaps get it in for 1.5? What do you say Asa? Any chance?