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Back from Aruba

Back from a week away in sunny Aruba [CIA Factbook | Wikipedia]. Beautiful sunny weather, resort, beaches, food. Saw Geraldo Revera [perhaps better link], (apparently staying in the same hotel on our floor, or the one above) and Greta Van Susteren (not sure if she was staying there or another hotel in the area). ABCNews also appeared to have some people there. Obviously in regard to the Natalee Holloway situation.

In other news the hard drive in my laptop is failing, and CDW failed to ship the new drive I attempted to purchase. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, so likely won’t get to call them and speak to a human being until Tuesday, and I’m sure it will take a few days to arrive (sigh). So I’m down to 1.25 computers (my laptop is at about 25%, and my Mac is at 100%).

I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do as well, reading, bugmail, etc. etc. I’ll be taking care of all that relatively soon.

So that’s why things have been quiet, and will continue to be somewhat erratic (until I get my new Hard Drive, since my email mainly resides on my laptop for mobility reasons).

Oh yea, congrats to Daniel Glazman on NVU 1.0!

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Windows Reinstall

If I appear unavailable for most of today and tomorrow it’s because I’m reinstalling Windows on my laptop. I think it’s time to invest in an external Hard Drive, and a copy of Norton Ghost so I can just backup an image every week, and if something goes wrong, just restore from the image. Actually, I’m pretty certain that’s what I’m going to do. Just a matter of getting around to it.

I have my Mac, so I’m still online, but since my windows system is a laptop, it’s my primary system (so I can take it with me). Email, and such are typically done on there. Hence I’m a bit unorganized until it’s stable again.

So pardon the slow replies over the next day or two.

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Happy New Years!

Here’s to a better 2005. Can’t get much worse than 2004.

Spent the night watching Van Helsing and The Full Monty. Van Helsing was rather pathetic. Just about everything you can do wrong in a movie was done in this one. The Full Monty is always a classic. How could you not find that movie funny.

Oh… I miss Dick Clark. It’s not the same without him.

Good Night, and Happy New Years.


Merry Christmas



Happy Festivus!

A Festivus for the Rest of Us

At least some people are in the holiday spirit. I’m celebrating this year (minus the pole I have yet to get).

Here’s how it works:

Festivus Pole – tall, metal heavy, most often aluminum (fence post for a chain link fence makes a great Festivus Pole). This is similar to the “Christmas Tree”. theres no decorations or anything, especially no Tinsel, since “it’s distracting”.

Airing of Grievances – Normally performed before dinner. This is a time where you get to tell everyone attending how they have disappointed you. This is a time when they all have to sit there and here about the crap you have been putting up with. The time period in which you may complain about is the year since the last Festivus.

The Feats of Strength – This is an active part of the tradition where a family member selected by the head of the family must tackle and pin the head of the family. The holiday does not conclude until the patriarch / matriarch is pinned to the ground. In the event the selected individual has something to do, they may decline. In that situation the head will then choose another member to participate.

You can find more information here, and here (NY Times).

So happy Festivus to you and your family!


Happy Thanksgiving

Have a safe, fun, and filling Thanksgiving!