Wampa Freezes Luke Upside Down Win

Luke Wampa Freezer

Wampa and frozen Luke upside down in a freezer. Whoever did this, you are awesome.

Via Fail Blog

2 replies on “Wampa Freezes Luke Upside Down Win”

“Whoever!” 🙂 Danger, Will Robinson, grammar overcorrection alert!

(In the sentence, “he did this” would make sense, where “him did this” would not. Trying that substitution and seeing if it sounds right is usually a simple, correct way to determine the right word to use. Although I’m not going to be surprised if textbooks get rid of “whom” and “whomever” entirely within the next hundred years, given how often they’re neglected in favor of misuse [from a certain point of view] of “who” and “whoever”.)

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