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Cross Site XMLHttpRequest (XHR) Removed From Firefox 3

As a heads up to developers, Cross Site XMLHttpRequest (XHR) has been removed from Firefox 3, despite being in earlier betas. To quote a draft relnote from Mike Beltzner:

Due to late changes in the Cross Site XMLHttpRequest specification which made our implementation incomplete, it was decided to remove support for this technology rather than include only partial support.

Hopefully things will be more stable by the next release and it can be re-included.

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Hopefully they’ll put it in the next release, even if it’s only a partial rev of the gecko backend (if they do a 1.9.1-based one).

Is this still the case. I am just learning Ajax all my codes work in IE but not in firefox 3.x.x.
if this is the case how can I write ajax apps that will work with firefox. I am doing all with notepad so that i can understand the fundementals.


The solution is to grant access it Access-Control Headers on the server side
e.g. <?php header(‘Access-Control: allow ‘); ?>

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