GDI Text Rendering For Safari On Windows

Looks like Apple will be switching Safari to use GDI for font rendering on Windows in the future. Not such a bad thing. The CoreGraphics antialiasing looks good on a Mac, but does look strange on Windows. I think this will please more Windows users who expect Safari to be a good citizen and blend in.

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You’ve made quite a leap by assuming that GDI will become Apple’s preferred choice. Providing the option to use GDI font rendering is quite different than switching to it completely.

@Gavin Brown: Well that’s why I said “looks like”. Secondly, it seems likely as a major criticism is that font rendering is fugly on Windows. I’m pretty sure Apple wants to address that. Adding GDI font rendering seems pretty labor intensive to be intended as just an option.

Because of that, I think my suspicion is correct.

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